New Song: Christ Is Love in Word and Deed

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America held a song writing contest for its annual "God's Work. Our Hands." Sunday, a day of service in the community. I wrote this song for the contest. Mine was not selected, so now I can share it with the church.

If you would like to use this in worship, please contact me for permission and for proper attribution. I have a high quality tiff file I can send you for printing.

You can listen to a MIDI version of the song here.

Bonus prize if you can spot the Easter egg in the song.

Christ Is Love in Word and Deed 

Christ is love that loves to serve,
serves to live, lives to love.
Christ is love in word and deed.

God's grace is in our muscles,
hammers sounding out a call,
rakes and gloves reveal it now for all.

Work is our gift and burden:
mend and fix, restore and heal,
kneading, cooking, sharing in a meal.

Our lives are lived in wonder,
knowing we are loved and named,
laboring because in Christ we're claimed.

Hands strive for Jesus' justice:
health and home for ev'ry one,
neighbors loved, the reign of Christ begun.


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