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Reclaiming January 6

It is an unfortunate coincidence that the insurrection at the US Capitol happened on January 6th, the day of Epiphany in the church calendar. This is the day when the church celebrates the arrival of the Magi by the leading of a star. These unnumbered and ungendered Persian astrologers came to the home of Mary and Joseph to visit the child Jesus and bring him gifts and blessings. It is a long-held tradition in the church to bless homes on January 6th and to write in chalk above the door a symbol of blessing for the coming year: 20 + CMB + 22. 20 and 22 make up the current year. CMB is an acronym for the Latin Christe mansionem benedicat. Some traditions hold that the letters stand for the legendary names of the Magi (Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar). But now January 6th has the connotation not of house blessing but of house destruction. While many see this date as a tragedy in the history of the United States, others see it as a day to celebrate their use of violence and power. I do

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