Dear Kim Davis

Dear Kim Davis,

I'm glad to hear that you were released from jail today. I'm sure that was a trying time for you. After you were released, you were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. I'm glad you are finding support and don't feel alone.

When you greeted the crowd, you said, "To God be the glory." I agree. And then you said that God's people were there. I have no doubt that is true. But I'm afraid that by that comment, you meant that those who disagree with you are not God's people. And I'm concerned that you think that the same-sex couples you refuse to issue marriage licenses to are not God's people. This is a problem.

I think you may be confusing your particular form of Christianity, which is some form of conservative Christianity, with the whole of the church and of God's people. This is a common mistake. Some of my liberal and progressive Christian friends do the same thing in their own way.

Perhaps you are not exposed to liberal or progressive forms of Christianity, not to mention all of the global forms of Christianity that don't fit easily within our American labels. I'm probably identified with the liberal/progressive part of the church. Many of us think that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. Many of us think that same-sex sexual orientation should be accepted as another form of human sexuality within God's creative plan. Many of us see these people as part of the church and part of God's people and are glad for that.

Many of us think that Christians serving in governmental roles should not use their office to promote their version of faith and try to limit other people's civil rights, but should serve within the requirements of their secular office. You are finding a great deal of tension with that requirement now. I understand that. I admire your desire to live according to your understanding of your faith, even if I disgree with your undestanding of Christianity. But if you want to live out your faith with integrity and within the requirements of public office, you should resign your position, or let others do this part of the job for you and get out of the way.

God's people are conservative and liberal, gay and straight, American and foreign. That's what makes the church such a beautiful and important body in the world. And that's why in writing this, I, like you, say: To God be the glory.


Your brother in Christ.


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