Hidden Face

O that you would tear open the heavens and come down, 
so that the mountains would quake at your presence...
There is no one who calls on your name, 
or attempts to take hold of you; 
for you have hidden your face from us, 
and have delivered us into the hand of our iniquity.
- Isaiah 64:1,7

Your face wrapped in muslin like an ancient mummy
or a belly dancer concealed in a silky mysterious move

occasionally a peek through the fabric comes at night
and we catch a sliver of an eye or pursed lip and philtrum

you hide your countenance in the warp and woof of time
that barely enough of you will filter through the weave

enough and enough of this game, holy hidden funster
scissor through, poke a hole, tear the drapery down

do not leave us wondering about day and hour
and what and when and war and peace and love

open up to us and delight our hopeful eyes with your beauty
and we might with enough convincing just do the same


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