Jesus said to them, "Have you never read in the scriptures: 
'The stone that the builders rejected 
has become the cornerstone; 
this was the Lord's doing, 
and it is amazing in our eyes'?
- Mathew 21:42

Was it Frank Lloyd Wright who said it was
just as desirable to build a chicken house as it was
a cathedral, and if so did he ever build a coop
that changed the world like the churches of
Falling Water or Robie House or the Guggenheim

my guess is no and so I’d say go for cathedrals
but don’t venerate or praise their immaculateness
they are like the building up of your soul or
your self if you could construct your temple self
you’ll need a decent plot of ground and a
foundation and a cornerstone to get started

and then there it is staring at you like the dog:
no matter your effort or fortitude or refutation
every stone you select for your ego project
will have a chip or be out of plumb or fissured
and skew every door and archway and spire
just hurting the eyeball enough that you will labor
long days anguishing over the faults and the cracks

your heart will sorrow that you never got it right
this blueprint and fabricating that is you and your
cathedral of St. Perfection, until you are moved
to kiss the stone you rejected, yours and God’s
the mortal flaws and unfinished structural promises
and call the chicken house of your ramshackle life
a basilica of the divine, an architecture of the holy


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