Sympathy for Lazarus

He didn’t ask to be a magic trick like some dead rabbit
pulled out of a stone hat with a hocus pocus incantation

he didn’t want to be resuscitated in full decrepit stink
for his mother to see him shambling down the cemetery road

he was resting in peace after taking the dark plunge once
no one should stomach it twice, that long black falling

so Jesus, when I die and I’m put down to earthen solace
or after my ashes are scattered into entropic chaos irreversible

do not force me to go through it again like brother Lazarus
raised to face more time in suffering and second death

let your tears be so you may let me go as we all must do
grieve your best friend fully and without recourse to power

raise me then beyond time to your un-nameable dimension
where decay has died with all fear of losing myself and you

has been buried in that old entombed world where I still walk
like Lazarus already dead yet alive and yet to die and rise


  1. Hmmm... a very different way of seeing Lazarus' raising... is it selfish to want someone to live?
    ps: before publishing this comment, I'm required to copy numbers provided to "prove I am not a robot". Perhaps it should say: to prove you are alive and not dead?

  2. Interesting thoughts. I have always wondered what it was like for Martha and Mary if he died before they did a second time. Also read a short story many years ago in which Lazarus essentially become the first "walking dead" who could not die. Very sad story.


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