Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus, 
     who, though he was in the form of God, 
     did not regard equality with God 
     as something to be exploited, 
but emptied himself, 
     taking the form of a slave, 
     being born in human likeness. 
And being found in human form, 
     he humbled himself 
     and became obedient to the point of death —  
     even death on a cross. 
Therefore God also highly exalted him 
     and gave him the name 
     that is above every name, 
so that at the name of Jesus 
     every knee should bend, 
     in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 
and every tongue should confess 
     that Jesus Christ is Lord, 
     to the glory of God the Father.
- Philippians 2:5-11

My mind so full of debris and hubris from the wasted day
phone calls unreturned and crumpled scraps of paper
casual conversations with hidden ego stratifications
the self I want to project onto a cinema screen large
as a shadow silhouette miming my own celebrated life

My mind so full like a blue water balloon waiting for
a painful needle prick to burst it open to emptiness
where this small i is no longer my daily migraine throb
and into my hollow skull a new mind pours like wax
filling every sinus cavity, skull crack and spinal tube

Your crucified mind so full of hydrangeas and cuttlefish
the siren of every human voice in full wail and woe
the birth of stars and the death of orbiting comets
the faith of the Masai and the death of Western dreams
the universal background B-flat hum of the holy lover

Your kenotic mind so full there is no room left for you and so
freely you let yourself go like a junkie or grey dementia
until having fallen gorgeously into depravity and death
the only thing left is for you to be exalted and praised
and your mind to fill mine so in emptiness I am full and free


  1. I appreciate the struggle represented that relates to ego. It helps me tocsee how prevalent it really is for me. And how we are called to emptying.

  2. Great imagery and meaning!!!

  3. Great imagery and very meaningful, thanks!!!


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