Did You Dream Tonight

Did you dream tonight and
if you did was it good was it holy
was it light and love in one colored vision
did the woven blanket wrap around you
like your entranced embrace in your REM cycle

or did you dream of earthquakes and bombs
heartache and disease and abandonment
a boy in the dry dirt thinner than straw
a girl alone on a honking city street island
a falling without flying that never ends

Did you feed your voracious mind
with blackness and gunshot and
the worst of yourself projected on screens
all the obvious waste of human living
like Tator Tots tossed in the mouth
without tasting beyond salt and fat
without nourishing any part of your hungry self

Or did you suckle on the milk of the soul
the new Jerusalem coming down a miasma
and lifting to unveil the community and canon song
and humble looks in another’s eye that says
we are in this together to stumble along
until we watch each other die and our grandchildren
bury us and remember us with gentle yearning
that we loved and we dreamed of love
and the reveries we had in the long nights of unknowing
were good and were always drawing us
toward God’s dream into which we shall all awake


  1. Thank you for bringing us such a lovely poem...


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