Order of St. Thomas

If we could just believe and oh we would
if we could put our fingers in the nail marks
hands in the spear-gashed side

work our way into him up to our elbows
and then a shoulder and a foot
and climb into his woundedness completely
peer through his eyes and see what it’s like
to walk this world resurrected and free
from death’s power to box you up with ribbon

live in his accomplishments safe in his flesh
inoculated from any future punctures and bleeding
nuzzle up to his soothing heartbeat lullaby

But we won’t get that, we won’t even get belief
we only have to walk the way of vulnerable love
and find him in every cut and broken bone

we will surrender as we keenly gaze
into our own open wounds and universal pain
and find his resurrection there inside us

And in our disbelief we will praise
in our mistrust we will worship
in our fear we will follow


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