Palm or Passion, Wave or Particle

They say in quantum physics that a particle
is a wave and a wave a particle
and it all depends on how you look and when
but if you don’t look for the answer,
if you let paradox be and mystery win
it is both at the same time all at once

Jesus and his little royal palm parade
with branches waving and people shouting
everyone focuses their eyes and minds
like electron microscopes to see it
but looking there and then means
you only see the particle of fabricated greatness
but look another way and see the wave of humility
the ripple fall from the temporal throne,
the tsunami cross, the end that begins everything

I suppose the trick is not to look at all
but let it be and he will both ride to glory
and die in abject misery,
and one will be the other all at the same time
the cat will be dead and alive in the dark box
and you’ll have to live in this puzzlement
and be both dead and alive yourself


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