Living Jesus

O Dead Jesus,
we remember the one day we had
two at best, to walk away in sadness
yes, but also in unshackled freedom,
free from your hard way,
free to live for ourselves only
free to walk utterly alone and in illusory control
making our way down the freeway
driving ourselves and each other crazy
crumpling and bursting into flames in the guardrail
but at least we weren’t following your road
the way of crosses and costly love 
and bodies spent

O Living Jesus
you are the next day of this crashed life
when we can no longer live
our lazy daydream life in and of and for ourselves
now we who follow you our brother and friend,
eating broken-body-bread and bloodshed-wine
living in the ethereal Spirit of your haunting presence
now we find ourselves unexpectedly
mysteriously , resistantly, and joyfully
living Jesus as our new selves-in-action
out of control in loving and giving and praising
and out of our minds in following you
where ever your next crazy offering
of yourself-in-us may be


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