On Taking the Watery Plunge

you could dig yourself a smooth-edged open grave
or find the garden for your eventual scattering
and place a chiseled stone or etched plaque there
with your name and birth date and a dash
then you could visit this truthspace when your ego’s adrift or
every day even and touch your dimensional name
maybe make a rubbing with black crayon and charcoal paper
say hello to your once and future self
being gentle with what was which is still yet to be
and giving thanks for what is and has now slipped away
or you could find a pool,
a river, an ocean
and plunge
yourself in,
or rather
be plunged
by mystery’s invitation
and drown to yourself today and breath under water this future
living now into tomorrow what already was not yet
free from your intestinal fear at the very first shovel of dirt
and contemplation of your underground sepulcher
or the sight of the flower in the garden
that grows blue from the minerals in your bones


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