Calling All Kings

Let those men who know and trust 
     their inner king
who trust their own power 
     and don’t misuse it,
          who live beyond themselves
          who see the greater vision
          who seek blessing for all
          who create order out of chaos
          who foster peace in themselves and others –
let them embody their king today,
     humbly yet boldly, 
     fearlessly and with joyful strength,
for this world is short on mature men
     who know they have generative power
     to give life away
and so many turn to false kings
     boys who think a crown costume is all they need
     who stomp and plunder and turn the land to ruin
     who sound the war siren
          without counting the cost
     and forget that caring for the weakest among us
     and uniting the land as one
          are the reason there are kings at all.


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