October 24, 2012

Art of Reformation

You can take a hunk of brown moist modeling clay
squeeze it in your hands and eye it oozing between fingers
like ribbons rolling out on the table top

shape it into a dove or a fish or a water bowl
maybe throw it on the wheel and tactilely
coax it into a vase or an abstraction of yourself

and then having reshaped the stoic block into sculpture
you have to decide: put it in the kiln and fire it
preserve its beauty in brittle perfection

or keep it supple and soft, wet and moving
so that when the times require creative reformation
you can give thanks for the dove, the bowl, the vase

then reimagine what this poetic mud can be
and spin a chalice or hand-shape a plate
and invite everyone to bring the bread and wine

or get a camera and pose the earthy medium
flip the shutter once, repose, shoot again
and make this reformation into claymation

animation of the potter Spirit keeping all things fluid
aquifying calcified statues like you and me and church
freeing our joints to be the art of God's desire


  1. Keep it fluid, flowing! Thanks for wondrous images!

  2. Keep it fluid, flowing! Thanks for wondrous images!


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