Everybody's Got a Hungry Heart

Everybody needs a place to rest
Everybody wants to have a home
Don't make no difference what nobody says
Aint nobody like to be alone
Everybodys got a hungry heart... 
- Bruce Springsteen

Like crumbs in the fairy tale woods
when the trail goes dead and misty
and our eyes grow owl wide with fear
you drop flakes of guidance
you conjure loaves of mercy surprising
and keep us on the wandering  wayfarer way.
It is our hungry hearts
that growl and groan and writhe,
lonely and starving for you,
our companion, our bread breaker,
and this, your manna flakes fine, ethereal,
your quail, meaty, succulent,
and words of assured presence walking aside
is the food our famished souls
cried out to you for
and our full stomachs knew
and chanted up to our thickening heads:
yes, indeed, here too is the holy.


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