Epiphany - So Beautiful or So What

Paul Simon's newest album is called "So Beautiful or So What."  The title song strikes me as an epiphany song.  The whole album is a thoughtful, beautiful pondering on faith, God, life, and meaning.

Here are some lyrics from the song:

I’m going to make a chicken gumbo
Toss some sausage in the pot
I’m going to flavor it with okra
Cayenne pepper to make it hot
You know life is what we make of it
So beautiful or so what

I’m going to tell my kids a bedtime story
A play without a plot
Will it have a happy ending?
Maybe yeah, maybe not
I tell them life is what you make of it
So beautiful or so what

Simon gives us the sense that life can be interpret in two ways:  So beautiful, or, so what.  Much of life feels like a so what.  Sometimes, we see through it to the hidden mystery, and we see it all for what it is:  so beautiful.  An epiphany.  A gift.


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